**borrowed taco photo from internet – all other photos are mine!


1 20 oz. can of green jackfruit (I get mine at Trader Joe’s) NOTE: As you get to know jackfruit you’ll decide if you like when it’s packed in brine or water better
1/3 cup water
1 small onion, peeled and diced (you can brown before  if you prefer)
2 tbsp. coconut aminos (optional)
1 tbsp. cumin
1 tbsp. smoked paprika
Himalayan sea salt to taste

1. Put jackfruit between two paper towels (I double or triple up on the bottom and top layers of towels just so they don’t break apart). Use a meat tenderizer (or rubber mallet lol) to smash the jackfruit a bit, especially the firmer portions of the fruit. DON’T OVER-MASH! You just want to break the fruit up a bit.

2. Gently scrape jackfruit off paper towels into a saucepan. Discard paper towels (I recycle mine 🙂 ).

3. Add all ingredients except coconut aminos, stir and turn on medium-low heat. Heat to desired temperature.

4. Take saucepan off hot burner (turn off burner!) and add coconut aminos. I also add diced fresh garlic and jalapeño usually!

I also usually make fresh guacamole and salsa to add in – those recipes coming soon! Get creative and have fun – sexy, delicious food is our friend and savior!